1. What size system do I need? What sized system truly depends on the needs of your household. One of our friendly experts will be happy to work through your needs and usage with you in order to find the right system for your home.
  2. How do solar panels connect to the grid? Your power that is produced feeds into the power grid. Your meter is reconfigured to read the export energy separately to the energy used from the grid. This off sets the price you pay for electricity against the price you are paid for putting your surplus electricity into the grid, which means lower prices for you in running your home. The more power your home produces the less the electricity bill.
  3. Do Solar systems work in winter? Yes, Solar systems rely on sunlight and ultra violet rays, not heat. In the summer with longer hour is when surplus power is more readily produced.
  4. Are your installers qualified? Yes, Our installers are qualified electricians with Clean Energy Council accreditation’s. 
  5. Which type of solar panel should you use? With the rate the technology is growing in the solar industry, its hard to pick one. At Chosen Solar, we like to provide options and recommendations so you can pick the best panels for your budget and needs.
  6. Do you have payment plans available? Yes, Chosen Solar has partnered with Brighte to offer our customers interest free* payment options. Our expert will happily guide you through the process in the comfort of your own home.